different types of social media apps that you can find in the market today

Media Sharing: As the name suggests, these types of social media apps aim to allow users to share different types of media such as photos, articles, videos, etc.
Network Building: The main purpose of such applications is to connect people, be it for personal reasons or in a professional context.
Discussion Forums: These are applications where users can ask questions, answer questions from others, or just generally express their opinions on various topics.
Now let’s look at some of the must-have features of social media apps.

Multilingual Support: If you want to offer a global application, multilingual support is a no-brainer.
Notifications: In addition to sending notifications about any activity on your profile, these notifications can also be used to remind users to continue browsing where they left off.
Privacy Settings: This means that the app should not only allow users to customize their profile, but also choose which aspects of their profile and personal information should be made public.
To the layman, creating a
social media app may seem like a simple undertaking, but the fact is that it is a complex undertaking that requires careful consideration of countless unique factors.

So if you also want to create a social media app, it would be good to develop a well-thought strategy that takes into account factors like the ones mentioned above, includes important features and much more. For any further assistance, you can always seek the services of a reliable software development company that has experience in developing such applications.